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I Can Help You Navigate Through Your Divorce

The uncertainty of divorce can cause your emotions to run high and cloud your decision-making process. It can be vital to your future stability to work with a knowledgeable attorney you trust. I am Jorge Pichardo, founder of Jorge A. Pichardo Jr., Attorney At Law, and I can help you sort through the emotions of divorce to keep your end-goal in mind.

California is a “no-fault” divorce state, so you do not need to prove your spouse is the reason for the divorce. Many couples cite “irreconcilable differences,” which means there is no chance of fixing the issues causing the spouses to not get along.

To file for divorce in California, you or your spouse needs to have been a resident in the state for six months, as well as three months in the county where the divorce was filed. There are times this restriction may be subject to waiver, including some same-sex marriages. I can help determine how the residency requirements may affect your case.

If you have children, a critical part of your divorce is establishing child custody arrangements and accurate child support. Another important part of your divorce proceedings may be determining whether alimony is necessary for you or your spouse. There are several factors that go into each of these agreements. I will help you draft the necessary settlement arrangements in your best interests and to protect your family’s best interests.

How Does California Law Impact Your Property Division?

With divorce comes questions about property and asset division. California is a community property state, which means all assets, real property and debts you have as a married couple will be split in half in your divorce. This can include all income either spouse earned during the marriage.

Sometimes, divorcing spouses can agree to a different plan for dividing their assets. If this is the case, the court will incorporate the settlement agreement into the divorce decree. There are some items that are not included in the division, such as assets you owned prior to your marriage and you continued to hold separately throughout your marriage. I will help you protect your rights to an equitable division of your marital assets, debts and property.

Together, we will work with specialists such as tax experts, private investigators and financial planners to ensure your divorce settlement reflects an accurate inventory of all property and assets subject to division in your divorce.

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