When You Have Been Accused Of A Crime

Being accused of a crime is serious business. Whether the charge involves a misdemeanor, a DUI or a serious felony, a conviction can follow you for years and hold you back from your goals in life. If you are facing criminal charges, you need a skilled lawyer to defend your rights and protect your future.

I am Jorge A. Pichardo Jr., Attorney At Law, and I know all too well how a criminal conviction can haunt people. Before becoming a defense attorney, I worked as a probation officer. In that role, I developed a passion for helping people turn their lives around and defend themselves when they feel the weight of the criminal justice system pressing down on them.

When Family Issues Become Legal Disputes

In addition to criminal defense, I represent clients in family law issues such as divorce, property division, child custody, child support, spousal support and more. These matters are technically and emotionally difficult, and reaching a good result requires patience, skill and training.

The decisions you make during a divorce can have long-term consequences for your finances and your family life. It's important to have professional representation in family law.

My background gives me valuable insight into cases where criminal law and family law converge, including difficult cases involving domestic violence.

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When necessary, I will meet with clients in hospitals or jails or after hours. Se habla español.